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PLUNKLOCK European Tour 2012 by KANZEN MUSIC !!!

Kanzen Music presents PLUNKLOCK in Europe 2012!! 

One of PLUNKLOCK concerts in Europe 2012 will be decided by fans. 

U can vote for your country by accesSing this poll @ http://www.facebook.com/KanzeNMusic

Thank you !!
Matenro Opera TV on December 17th, 2010.
The text of Matenrou Opera TV aired on December 17st has arrived!

Sono: Good evening! This is Matenrou Opera! Hope you enjoy "Matenrou Opera TV".
People from all over the world are watching, so there are people who see us for the first time.
Let us introduce ourselves. Anzi, go ahead.

Anzi: I'm Matenrou Opera's guitarist Anzi.

Ayame: I'm Ayame, Keyboard. I'm excited since people from all over the world are watching.

Yo: Hello everyone. I am the bassist Yo. Enjoy this time.

Yu: I'm Yu, Drums. You can see real Matenrou Opera today. Please enjoy!

Sono: This is Sono who just lost his mobile phone a few minutes ago!
These five are going to bring you Matenrou Opera TV. Stay tuned.

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2nd-Nov-2010 06:45 am - [SINGLE]The KIDDIE-Calling

Release Date:September 22nd,2010
Genre: Visual Kei, Pop Rock
Language: Japanese

1. Calling
2. Pain
3. Awa to Cider

download(HQ-320kbps). @ fluffychopstix
21st-Sep-2010 05:43 pm - Megamasso Autographed Poster

Megamasso Autographed Poster

The poster released with "M of Beauty", with all members' sign on it!

prize of the week

-September Week 4 contests+-
Deadline: September 26th
Announcement date: The 4th week of October.
Lineup: the GazettE , Megamasso , NoGoD

1. the GazettE New Single 'Red' Poster
2. Megamasso Autographed Poster
3. NoGoD S
Hi everybody! This is musicJAPANplus writer kanako. I recently found myself walking down the streets of Tokyo with petals of cherry blossoms in my hair! At first I didn't notice, but once I realized it was very embarrassing...
Speaking of cherry blossoms, here in Japan it's the season of 'hanami [花見; lit. looking at flowers]'. People gather under cherry blossoms and enjoy drinking and eating...For me it's also when I suffer from hay fever, so whenever I was asked if I'm interested in going, I answered "Hanami? No way!!" But as I've grown older the fever has become less serious (I think). That's why I decided to give hanami a try with some friends! But! Since I had no experience I didn't know what to do...! Before I knew it I was busy eating the food everyone brought. "This will be a good substitute for supper!" Some of the photos I took are being shown at the Photo of the Day! section under the title 'Sakura Special'. Have a look!

2010/04/07 - Part 138: - Sakura Special - Inokashira Park & Ikebukuro

I'm planning on having another go at hanami before the flowers all fall off. According to the weather forecasts the flowers around the Harajuku area are beginning to drop. Recently while eyeing the flowers falling I went to SHIBUYA AX! (It was quite a shock to see lots of petals on the ground..."They're really beginning to fall off!") The artist that performed there was Megamasso! They made their major debut last year in October.
Ryohei had his hair bunched up into small spheres. He was really cute! He was wearing short pants and tights, so he looked like a real girl...Inzargi on the other hand was wearing a jacket over his white T-shirt. The moment I saw him I shouted inside my head "He looks like a prince!!!!" White T-shirts are great. They make your heart jump out!

.....................Read the whole article here!

30th-Mar-2010 09:43 pm - JRock Band?

What Jrock artists do you want to see on Rock Band?  We're leaving it up to YOU, the fans, to tell US who you think ought to be in! Cast your vote today!
Hi, I'm a new member, so I hope this is allowed. I generally lurk around LJ pages instead of posting to them =/ but I figure I would come out of the woodwork for this one. But anyways, here is the deal, I've been a JRock fan for 10 years, yay, go me. I'm in college, and recently I got this project in my web media class to create a project revolving around the theme of "interactivity." So, I figured, why not bring people together with a common interest, better yet, why not bring people together who have the same interests that I have?

And so Zasshoku Paradise was born. The beginnings of a JRock Database, as well as a 6 degrees of separation type project. My main goal for now is to get as many JRock bands on the site as possible. I had a chart going, then the chart turned into a 16 page list, which turned into a 19 page list (which you will find on the site under The JRock Connection List.), that list then turned into me going out, buying 600 notecards, and labelling them in alphabetical order by bands. The only problem is...I can't do this by myself you guys. The theme of the project is interactivity, and so, here I am, asking for YOUR help.

If you can contribute ANYTHING, a fact, a band page, a band member page, or both. Even pictures and videos are welcome! Anything, as long as you participate. You can always participate anonymously as well!

Well, I think I've rambled enough...so here is the link:


We also have a facebook page, and will probably soon have an LJ community to keep people updated if the site begins to have major activity. Just search for Zasshoku Paradise for now on facebook if you want.

If you have any questions feel free to comment here or message me at:


Thanks so much you guys! This means a lot...


P.S. Mods, what do I tag this with? I wasn't exactly sure. =/ I'm sorry.
A DaizyStripper Melody Dancing in AKASAKA
~君の涙に架ける虹~ / ~Kimi no Namida ni Kakeru Niji~
~The Rainbow Glistening in Your Tears~

In succession of their Mini Album [THE BEAUTY], which had been released on November 4th in 2009, DaizyStripper held their last performance of that year on December 13th at AKASAKA BLITZ in Tokyo! And as the live had been scheduled for the middle of December, the cold was evident on one self, while the venue was filled with the heat of excitement. Everything the band had achieved in 2009, would be exposed that day! And all of "this" is what you will be finding in this report!


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