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28th-Jan-2010 05:25 pm - JROCK LICIOUS Moving?
sukitte ii na yo
Hello everyone from JL community i'm kyouya_kun  community's ownder. i just changed my id cause i couldn't remember my password so i can't manage the community, well anyways i woke up from the dead to announce to you that JROCK LICIOUS may be moving i just need to do some things for the new community but it's gonna be the same thing as JL with same ID and all..i want to thank alizamarie_chan  and aoi_shoujo  for sticking with the community all this time and please i hope you guys still with JL, and new uploaders like official_mjp ...

well thats all thank you
see you next time
13th-Jan-2010 07:22 pm - Mix Speaker's,Inc. Live Photo Book!
Check out the Photo book of Mix Speaker's,Inc. 2nd Story GRAND FINALE [BIG BANG MUSIC!]
~線路は続くよどこまでも / Senro wa tsuzukuyo dokomademo~
at C.C.Lemon Hall

Two language versions of Doremidan's interview have been updated today!!
Check it out!


JAPANplusに登場!現在は、このニューアルバムを引っ下げて ツアー「タイムマシンにのって」を行っている彼ら。この5人のドレミ團を見ることが出来るのは、このツアーが最後ということもあり、各地でライブは最高の 盛り上がりを見せている。そんなツアーのこと、そして、アルバムの聴きどころ、ファイナルへの意気込みを5人に聞いた。

■Doremidan Interview: New Album 'ドントレットミーダウン / Don't Let Me Down'
& Concert Tour 'タイムマシンにのって / Time Machine ni Notte'
Five Members Face the Future

In November Doremidan released their new album 'ドントレットミーダウン / Don't Let Me Down', and now they will appear in musicJAPANplus! Currently with the new album in tow they're on their concert tour 'タイムマシンにのって / Time Machine ni Notte [lit. 'Ride on Time Machine']'. It will be the last tour for the band with all five members, and they have been putting on exciting performances at every stop. [Bassist Shinji will leave the band after the final concert of the tour.] We asked the five artists about their tour, the key points of the album, and their thoughts on the final concert.

**DELETE IF NOT ALLOWED*** There is AN AMAZING NEW J-ROCK ARTIST preparing his new project soon!! It`s Kouta, ex-member of j-rock band [re] ligious (disbanded). Check his Official Myspace [http://www.myspace.com/re-ligious] and listen to his 10 demos!! U`ll discover an amazing talent !!^^ He is also very friendly and extremely kind !! U`ll have an answer for sure , just contact him !!^^ IF U LIKE THE DEMOS, THEY R ALSO DOWNLOADABLE SO GET BACK TO ME AND ASK FOR THE LINK !! ^__^ IT  WILL ALSO INCLUDE A BONUS TRACK!! <33 ************************************** He need support so i`ve also created a LJ COMMUNITY @ http://community.livejournal.com/4kouta_jp that is active with the direct collaboration of Kouta!!! PLS JOIN AND SUPPORT KOUTA!! <33 For more details and ways to get in touch with him, follow the community link!! GIVE IT A TRY AND GIVE HIM A CHANCE!!~ THANK U!!! ^^
 Did you go to the concert of Mix Speaker's, Inc.? If not, read the article to enjoy the heat in the venue!!! If you went there, recapture your memory with them!!

Click here to read the article!

Mix Speaker’s,Inc. hosted a tour titled “7 NIGHT PARADE”, in which six band members and their fans produced each parade for seven nights altogether. All other nights must have been entertaining enough with their different costumes at every show, but their tour final was absolutely fantastic as well! The band was back at KAWASAKI CLUB CITTA’, where they had held shooting for their PV “誘ワク星リズム / Yuwaku Sei Rhythm”! Check out their performance with full of surprises in this report.


12th-Jul-2009 01:32 pm(no subject)
★ 10 → はらじゅく boys&girls icons ★ 20 → ルキ icons&banners&wallpaper ★ 23 → 柩 & YOMI icons&banners

Here @ elusive_time
ryou - goodbye to goodbyes
many thanks alizamarie_chan for keeping this community alive. ^^

Akihabara Shounendan Dennou Romeo - Extended PV

format: .avi
59.83 mb
download mf

Juliette - Hoshikuzu Memory PV

format: .avi
59.96 mp
download mf
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